Please include all the following details when you send us a collection request:

1. Your name

2. Where the items are located?

3. Is parking available?

4. Any walking up stair?

   e.g. 10 steps / e.g. 2 floors

5. Attach images of the items

6. Highlight their conditions

After receiving your request, we aim to reply promptly within 1-2 working days.

We will further be in touch with you on Whatsapp for extra information. If necessary, we will contact you on your mobile.

Click here to WhatsApp us +852 93230679

Terms and Conditions

To ensure a smooth process, please read through the terms and conditions below before submit your furniture and homeware collection request.
• FoE(HK) and Green dot Home reserve the right to cancel the collection service if the defect(s) are not clearly stated at the registration form.
• FoE(HK) or Green dot Home will inform you prior to the collection if removal fee will be applied. Removal fee will be collected in cash only at the time of the furniture removal. Failure to make payment at the time of furniture removal may result in cancellation of collection service
• Please remove any object around the furniture and homeware for our convenience in removing the item.
• We reserve the right on how to handle the collected furniture and homeware. Please visit our webpage for further information.
• Please make sure no personal items left in the furniture and homeware before collection, and sign on the receipt after collection. We will not be responsible for any lost items. In case of any lost items found, you will need to collect it at our warehouse in person.
• We may not collect other items which are not pre-registered.
• If you wish to cancel the collection service, you will need to notify us at least 2 working days prior to the day of collection.
• Please keep the furniture and homeware tidy and clean to shorten our removal time.
• In case of any dispute, FoE(HK) and Green dot Home reserve the right for final decision.
Code of Practice in times of Typhoon and Rainstorms
• When typhoon warning signal no. 3 or above, and red or black rainstorm warning is in force within 2 hours before the collection, the service will be cancelled and rearranged.